Thursday, May 26, 2011

Garden Update!

Our garden has some tiny sprouts, growing bigger by the day! Soon it will be safe to plant the seeds and seedlings that are more sensitive to frost (yes there is still a chance of that happening this year). Until then, just one quarter of our garden has made the transformation from "looks like a grave" to "looks like a garden."

I took these photos almost a week ago.

By now the beets are tall enough to need thinning out. And the rows of carrots and parsnips are also looking quite good.

The peas are also growing rather quickly.

Hopefully they will start to grow up this stick thing we built for them to grow on. We figured, why buy something for the peas to grow on, when we can just construct one with forest-items. We gathered up these sticks and tied them into this lattice using the crazy huge root we dug up while make the garden, as well as some of the bark I pulled off of the sticks we gathered.

We are so resourceful. Not that I'm proud of that or anything ;)

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