Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More Garden Destruction

It happened again. The garden is hopefully growing stronger with all of the difficulties it is encountering.

The peas are getting their tops eaten off.

And other plants are getting uprooted and bearing the scratch marks of some crazy animal.

But luckily,

The tomatoes still exist!!!

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  1. I have had a woodchuck issue as of just the last few days. The hav-a-heart trap is set, but he seems to be avoiding it....

    It's heartbreaking when all your work gets devastated in just one or two nights of nibbling.

    Two of my beds have fencing around the entire area. You just need metal stakes (those green garden stakes with the hooks going up them) and invisible deer fencing. Just be sure to bury the fencing into the ground a little ways because they will try to dig!