Monday, December 12, 2011

Our Christmas Tree!

Greg and I both recently returned from (separate) conferences in CA (that were occurring at the same time). This year we had a great plan to get a Christmas tree, since we aren't taking any big trips for the holidays. The Coop was selling some nice trees for $40, but we were both pretty interested in chopping down our own tree, so we figured we would see if the trees at the farm just down the road from Greg's had good tree deals. I know you are really supposed to set up a tree only shortly before Christmas, and then keep it up during the Christmas season (aka the 12 days of Christmas, aka the 12 days starting on Christmas day and extending to the Epiphany (I am under the impression that most of our society is confused by this, considering Christmas music is playing now and will stop the day after Christmas)). But once we both got home I just really wanted to go find out tree, so off we went. First we went to the hardware store to buy some rope. We also bought a strand of Christmas lights. For anyone wondering, one strand of 100 lights is probably not really an appropriate amount for a 5-6 foot tall tree.

Then, after wandering around basically the entire tree yard, we found this beauty!

It was the best one in the lot, and we were both really happy about it (despite Greg's face, which is entirely due to the sun shining directly in his eyes).

Greg let me start the sawing process.

And I let him finish the sawing process.

It would have been really fun to let the tree fall over just after yelling "timber!" or something, but I haven't ever been to a tree farm like this, and I kind of doubt that is part of the proper etiquette. So instead I just braced the tree, and then Greg picked it up off the stump.

Then Greg carried it up to the front, where we paid for it (only $30!) and got it baled by this fantastical machine.

We managed to secure it to the roof of the civic, and when we got to Greg's house we were happy to see it had not shifted at all!

See how we were smart enough to tie it through the windows of the backseat so that we would be able to open our doors and get in the car? Physicists in action.

Now the tree is all set up, complete with the manger scene underneath!

The lighting may be minimal, but the smell is phenomenal! You can't tell it from the picture above, but I am happy to introduce you to our hockey & Peanuts-themed tree. I don't know why it surprised me at the time, but I took a quick tally, and it turns out that Greg really only has hockey and Peanuts ornaments. And those are mainly hockey ornaments, thirteen to be exact.

Thanks for making our tree spectacular Mario!

P.S. Mom, if we have a tree again next year, I might be ready to get my ornaments out of storage in your basement. Then maybe the number of ornaments that are non-hockey will be more comparable to the number of hockey ornaments. :D


  1. my son cut down our tree this year (his first year to wield the saw) and I yelled Timber as it fell. Everyone looked so you may be right on the tree farm etiquette but still super fun.

    visiting you from over at!

  2. Peanut ornaments as in Peanuts characters or actual peanuts? merry christmas!