Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Stuff and Things as of Late

Recently Greg and I had engagement photos taken. We hadn't originally planned on having any taken, but somehow we came around to the idea, and boy what a good one it was. Not only did we get a ton of amazing photos, but it also gave us a chance to hang out with our photographer before the wedding and get comfortable with having him take lots of pictures of us. Our photographer is amazing and does amazing work. So so happy with our choice. Here is the link to his post with a few of the photos.

In other news, we also bottled up the smokey porter this weekend. The smokey-ness has not really mellowed out as we had expected. The recipe said that the smokey flavor was very subtle. Ours is basically the exact antonym of subtle. I guess that would be unsubtle. Or obvious. Or distinct. Whatever the word, it is certainly smokey. We still have hope that it will mellow out while it is in the bottles though. We want to have homebrew at the picnic on the night before our wedding, so it has some time to come around. And we should have time to make one or possible two more batches, and those will certainly not be made with any smoked malt.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE those photos! (Did I mention love?) So classic! That guy (or gal) is super talented.

    1. Garren is amazing! I am so so pleased with the outcome! He actually did some family photos at the Billings Farm that he posted on his blog maybe a couple months ago. And he does very good family photos too... if you ever might be interested or anything... just sayin'!